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Ever thought about penciling in a workout session with your spouse for Valentine’s Day? While it might not sound like the most romantic idea, working out together is actually super romantic and can strengthen your bond as a couple.

From improving your workout performance to helping you stay accountable; here’s how couples benefit from training together.

Improved Accountability, Consistency, and Performance

Studies have shown that we are far more likely to turn up to a workout session if we’ve made plans with others and/or a personal trainer. Not only that, but we’re also more likely to be there on time and perform better while we’re at it.

What better way to reap these benefits than by making plans with your spouse? You don’t necessarily have to attend the same session, but by making a commitment to each other you can both benefit from improved consistency and accountability with your fitness regimen.

Encouragement & Support

In addition to improved accountability and performance, your partner can also provide a level of encouragement and support like nobody else on the planet.

If training together, you can help push each other through difficult tasks or motivate one another to do an extra rep. By having your spouse right there with you cheering you on, you’ll not only get a boost in confidence, but you’ll also get a boost of energy to help you perform at your very best.

If participating in the same program but physically doing them separately, couples can still benefit from the shared experience. In between sessions, you can come together to chat about challenges, share your achievements, or vent your frustrations about your love-hate trainer relationship; allowing you to strengthen your bond and feel reconnected to each other.

Improved Mood & Mental Health

Endorphins are a real thing and there is no denying the fact that exercising can improve your mood. Especially when training with someone you love, you’ll not only get that endorphin boost from the fitness routine, but you’ll get it from the social experience as well.

For those who choose to exercise separately, you will still benefit from an improved mood, reduced stress, and increased confidence, which will in turn positively impact your relationship. Additionally, exercise can also help with sleep which can improve focus, irritability, and energy levels.

Improved Physical Health

It should go without saying, but improved physical health from working out can definitely improve your romantic relationship.

It’s not just about staying in shape and maintaining your figure, though. Training and regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol, boosts your immune system, and strengthens muscles and bones.

By taking care of our physical health, we are telling one another that we care about our bodies and we want to live long, healthy lives.

Creative Partner Exercises

Couples who choose to exercise together can also benefit from expanded options for partner exercises. Trainers can be very creative with semi-private sessions.

What might seem like a boring push-up on your own can easily be turned into a fun partner exercise to do with each other. From partner push-ups, sit-ups, and numerous stretches, doing partner exercises together can build strength, confidence, intimacy, and trust within relationships.

Together or Separate: It’s All About the Shared Experience and Improved Overall Health

Whether you and your spouse choose to work out in a semi-private environment or in entirely separate sessions, working out is one of the most romantic activities you can do for your partner.

You’ll not only be able to bond over your shared experience and workout journey; you’ll actually look and feel great about yourself as well. Additionally, by spending more quality time together, couples can strengthen their connection that often crumbles with the stresses of everyday work and family life.


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